Day Five NaPoWriMo: Poem based on the Natural World

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Water, essential, carrier and cure of disease,

Filling our swimming pools, bath tubs and washing machines,

Funneled from,

Restricted and flammable for some.

A deep abyss,  unmarked graves,

A triumph, icy swimming lessons, conquering and conquered waves,

Svadhishthana, entire ocean in a drop,

Home to neon coral and slippery frog.

Reflector of the sky’s beauty.

Queen-dom of Eingana, Longmu and origin of Aphrodite.

Pilgrims seeking healing at holy wells,

Baptisms saving us from man-made hells.

3 women wading as dragonflies dance,

Flood, drought, moonlight and log jams,

Effervescent depths, the world’s original highways,

Mighty mountains worn down by persistent strength,

All born under water with 6 dimes and 3 dollars,

All streams, converge.


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