Thought she might,

fly carried by starlight,

Following the gusty wind,

To foreign land and home again,

Repreciting** the poems locked in their heart,

Where to start?

Dusty floor, wicker broom,

Rocking chairs, holy tomb,

Wrinkled hands folded seeking hope,

Incense silver smoke coils, lime algae moss float,

Flour dust apron, cake and candles burning,

Simple breeze blows, calendar pages turning,

Protest seen through TV screens, truth being birthed as spoken,

American dreamers awoken,

Marching now through Other feet,

Dancing now to Other beat,

Harmonic jazz,

Heartache and sass,

The sweet collects like dew on the bitter,

All of it, awe of it, can’t be returned to sender,

Trust you not envied,

Trust you had plenty.



*Neologism= a newly coined word or expression

**Repreciting= Repressing+ Reciting

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