Day 20 NaPoWriMo: Incorporate Vocab/Imagery of a Specific Sport or Game

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As a kid, I wanted to ‘be like Mike’ and hear nets swish,

I too ran the court, though never won any championships,

I took shots in squeaky shoes,

Sometimes even making a bank shot, or two,

Never was one to slam dunk,

Too short to reach but still had fun.

Thank you Naismith,

For the striking sound of fingertip grip,

Bouncing brick colored balls,

Everyone in the millennium wanting to play for the Chicago Bulls,

Dribbling, passing, air balls and alley oops,

Free throws, lay ups and bated breath as ball circles basketball hoops,

Women play too,

Yet men still get paid more and get more views,

Even so, I still want to be like Mike, because he’s right,

If bravery is your creed,

You’ll see, that’s it’s only in failing to take the shot that we truly fail to succeed.


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