NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-Two: Georgic*

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Some seek holiness, some seek salvation,

The question and answer wait in divine dirt magic of creation,

I’m from the city,

What I know of agriculture, I know vicariously,

I know that plants sustain me,

Yet my attempts to grow them have gone mostly unsuccessfully,

The ground was not quite right, inhabitable clay,

When I restored the soil, the bunnies ate what grew all day.


Behold, She is a Priestess of dirt,

Her alchemy has nourished many in our shared world,

In the winter she dreams,

Of seeds sprouting into any number of things,

I have studied her thaumaturgy,

Waking, making, reality of envirotheopraxic dreams.



*Inspired by:

The darling Happy Urban Housewife, read more of her musings here:

Also inspired by Rev. Anna Woofenden, read more about her community, The Garden Church here:

In addition, I would like to also mention the inspiration given by Rainbow Warrior, Blair Frank, who is beyond proficient in cultivating kindness, love, community and a garden that has oft been a sanctuary to me and so many others. Read more about Gaia’s here:

Thank you for reading, Happy Earth Day! 


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