Making bracelets and singing with friends,

Crushes, candy, playing pretend,

Catching lightning bugs, Red Rover,

Miss Sally and headbands made of clovers,

Dandelion bouquets, boxes down grassy hill sides,

Much too hot metal slides,

Sleds, cocoa and hammocks in trees,

Verbal portal to childhood memories,

Swimming in June and radio countdowns,

Dolls of paper and plastic and bejeweled crowns,

Yo Mama jokes and paper fortune telling,

MASH, mud pies, swings and yelling,

Basketballs dribbled all while sun sets,

New eyes, old world, hedging our bets,

Reset Recess

Leave Stress

At Your Desk

Laugh, play,

Suns’ rays

Everything will be okay,

If not just know,

There’s room for play whether humid hot, muddy or covered in snow

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