You are my act of rebellion, radiant consummation of defiant hope

Departing adolescence, you are for whom from fevered dreams I awoke,

I will rock you into clay Earth and orbit the dust of you through my teeth,

You will cyclically weave in and through my wildest mundane dreams,

Rainbow bridges must be crossed,

Knowing love we must know loss,

I will continue to love in the face of fears unspoken,

Knowing all will be healed just as easily as can be broken,

I will persist and resist the bullshit,

In the end we rise, ever more victorious,

Join the dance or get out of our way,

Ahora, We slay


(Mea Culpa, apologies, I’ve been rebelling and not writing a poem every day for NaPoWriMo, why? Well, partly because I’ve recently joined a Burlesque troupe, check us out:


Thank you for reading, subscribing and supporting art (poetry and/or burlesque)

Feel free to follow the troupe to see where our rebelliousness leads us!

Much Love,

Songbird Sparkle (April)

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