NaPoWriMo Day 21: Narcissus (Ekho)

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NARKISSOS (Narcissus) was a youth of the town of Thespiai (Thespiae) in Boiotia, a son of the river-god Kephisos (Cephisus) and the fountain-nymph Liriope. He was celebrated for his beauty and attracted many admirers but, in his arrogance, spurned them all. The suffering of two of these, however, would bring down a curse upon him. The nymphe Ekho (Echo)–a girl cursed by Hera to repeat only the last words of what was said before–was rejected by the boy and fading away in despair left behind nothing but an echoing voice:

Narkissos your words loop and imprison me

I rail against the powers that be

How could something so beautiful be so deadly?

Daffodil petals soft as stone, hands outstretched, your medley,

You lured me in with siren song,

I was entranced it was all wrong,

How could I ever hope to escape?

Your cyclical whimsical embrace,

Now I remain though you’ve gone on,

I remember every word to your song,

I will sing it for eternity,

Why oh why have the fates forsook me?

Forsaken taken shaken not stirred,

Laughing, crying, hoping, dancing in the winds of the absurd,

You were here once I know I heard you speak,

Now I only hear last words but it is for you I seek,

I will listen as a loving last act until death,

Praying you speak again but  I won’t hold my breath.

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