Day Three: A poem that takes time

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I thought I heard you once, singing to me in my sleep,

I woke from fevered daze, reminding myself for years via almost forgotten melody,

Once I thought I would cup your rose tips

But the softness was actually ashes,

I don’t have time for your lack of reactions,

You be the base, I’ll be the acid,

I want only my name whispered by your lips,

Can you occupy more than just my hips?


Leafy footsteps,

sunset approaches,


I don’t mean to sound like I’m like lacking gratitude,

Mama said “better pick a good one, watch your attitude”

Trusting the River when all its ever done is try to drown me,

I’m caught in the undertow, can you be a lifeline and surround me?

This is the part where there is clarity, fate or chance?

No, I think this is the part where we danced.


If we’re witnessing a great fracture,

Is it possible that we ourselves are the suture?

Coexisting parallels,

Cyclical before and afters, heavens and hells,

I thought I heard you once singing to me in my sleep,

Trying to remember that you only speak to me in melodies.


Listening like an astute grasshopper,

Lucky like a dragonfly visiting a Poet, Priest and Pauper

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