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He painted the windows black but I can’t help but to look in (x2)

He painted the windows black but I have broken in, glass (shatter sound)

Just a single pane,

Reveals his motionless face,

“For so long you were mine.  I remember when you were mine”

Funny how it keeps us apart, humming, drumming, heart-beating time.

If I could say anything I’d say Listen up

The world is a maze find someone you enjoy traversing with Buttercup.

I can see how it feels like you’re all alone,

Because honestly, it’s all you’ve ever known,

It was too dark in your home, you had to leave the confines,

Initially burnt by so much sunshine,

Allow me to be your aloe, soothe and restore you,

It’s beautiful out here, I won’t ever ignore you,

The reality is crashing waves at my feet,

Kissing my toes, contemplation of retreat,

Reality is an expansive cage,

Silver smoke and glittery opal stage,

We were a molten lava created clay vessel,

Scarlet naranja canary, Violet cobalt blades of grass and flower filled temple,

In memoriam to the fact that I will never again see your face,

Raise your glass, let us toast, all the Ones, who have been re-placed



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