Day 25: Season, Senses, Rhetorical Question

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Walking through embracing jewel toned flames, or was it leaves?

I feel the first icy breeze, this must be what it feels like to be free,

If I fell green from your tree would you even weep?

They say all you need is peace to sleep,

but arguably I’d say it’s not my fault they took more than they gave,

I alone, atone, daily placing flowers on graves,

How will we survive the winter?

Gather timber, restore the splintered,

Warming fingertips on the fires of burning bridges,

This is the antithesis,

Can you taste the pumpkin cranberry nutmeg?

Or have you numbed your tongue? I promise you’ll be okay,

I don’t know I just know,

Fresh from the oven, as above, so below.




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