Lucky For You When You Come Through

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I am not balm to soothe your psyche
Motherf*cker I suggest you try Buddha, try Mohammed, try Jesus before you try me,
I think it serendipitous and unlikely
Scales fall from eyelids and the blind see,
You are nothing, but just like me,
And yet you still seek the material goods to fulfill yourself
Well, I am not a good on a shelf,
and I suggest for the benefit of your mental health,
That you de-commodify yourself,
We all just need a little help,
So take a step, take a breath, none of us can do this by ourselves,
That is the golden string that weaves us together,
So you can let the sapphire flame extinguish but it will come back as feather,
And I trust that rainbow Ru-ah will stitch it all back together.

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