They say b**** like it’s a good thing,

But most women settle for a wedding ring,

Women valiant surviving, so many boys, playing so many games,

Mothers, responsible for everything,

Coping through substances, none are immune,

When I was younger, they told me I had no magic,

The wasted time believing that would be tragic,

Except, no stake has burned me, here I stand, holy heretic,

Still allowed my voice,

My choice,

“Criminals” are being eaten alive by for profit systems,

Washing dishes, kept indentured,

American caste system,

Internalized realities creating external inhibitions,

Break your mental bondage, you are free,

Promise me one thing as we part that you’ll always follow Grace, and never follow me


Image Credit: https://fineartamerica.com/featured/gods-grace-deb-magelssen.html




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