NaPoWriMo Day 5: Twenty Little Poetry Projects

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santa harley4

Your hands are like a Christmas sunrise,
Do you only find it because of your gift seeking eyes?
Love can only truly exist between 2 healthy people,
Ear ringing taste of honeyed birdsong steeple,
I touched your velvet callouses,
And they tasted like salty watermelon, I was perplexed,
As Miss S stood at the gate of the Garden of the Gods,
I learned that damaged people have the capacity for compassion and maybe even love,
But love seems to fluctuate,
When ratchet is the game of the day,
If it continues, soon enough we’ll all be dead,
A nation united in not being able to catch it’s breath,
On a smoky mountain top I saw God and she wanted me to tell you she’s upset,
Pop a prescribed zannie or a non-prescribed Percocet,
Pearl knew what it meant and all that it could mean,
Cupping dog’s furry face in palm, sighing, remembering when she doubted such cyclical dream,
Stabbed with blunted sword,
Velvet violet hat told me “Jesus is Lord”
C’est la vie, sh*t is wack,
Sometimes the guitar hugs back,
It’s Christmas morning, Christmas Spirit, where you at?

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