Navy swirl cosmic bowl of galaxy

Charge, receive, revive my energy,

Cobalt Irish seashell plucked from a dirt filled hand,

Wooden star, inky palm traced like familiar/foreign land,

Virtue or Vice?

In the face of death, I choose life.


Image credit: https://www.kohls.com/product/prd-2606793/americanflat-a-cosmic-journey-abstract-framed-wall-art.jsp?skuid=65389570&ci_mcc=ci&utm_campaign=EC%20ART&utm_medium=CSE&utm_source=bing&CID=shopping20&utm_campaignid=380493012&utm_adgroupid=1230353719422757&msclkid=582d83c44a1d1f10e7dbdd39557fb2b0&gclid=CMP2oMOdreoCFXiPxQIdRD8B-w&gclsrc=ds

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