Day Twenty-Six: Almanac Questionnaire

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Since you’ve left, the sun’s rays don’t touch me, though they eclipse the world in gold,

Succulents and hyacinth weave around the castles of my innermost worlds

I was seeking my home in your hazel eyes
Lion of a bride
Holy awe and distance from jellyfish stinger
You brought the melody and allowed me to be a singer
Found on the Street: A half torn and colored page,

Tin star, Rock Star
The coldest rage,

Birds aren’t real
Either is the way chiffon feels.

The marching band taking the field
Our Mother
The Earth, in all her splendor:
“Florida singer apologizes after telling Asian nail salon worker to go back to her country”

Always be creating
Phoenix soaring

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs

A  love note stamped in mud of a boot
“Hands up” “Drop your Weapon” “Please don’t shoot”
The only thing to fear is fear

A quiet monastery labyrinth, covered in deer

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