NaPoWriMo Year 5 Day 24: Find a factual article about an animal. Replace the name of the animal with something else (heart)

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Article referenced:

The Truth About Lions | Science | Smithsonian Magazine

My massive heart slumped in the shade beneath a spiny tree.

A heart can be ten feet long and weigh 400 pounds or more, and mine appeared to be pushing the limits of its species, 

The world’s leading expert on hearts, spun the wheel of the Land Rover and drove straight towards my heart,

It was raked with claw marks.

A detailed chronicle of the lives and doings of generations of hearts revealed that “hearts were really boring

And an alert heart reserves milk for her own offspring.

He pointed out my heart’s nasty puncture wound on its side, my heart was full of leaves.

Hearts persist in a handful of countries,

Female hearts invariably attempt to seduce dark-maned hearts, while males avoided them, preferring to attack the blonds.

Some hearts, drawn in the deepest part of the cave, are oddly colored and abstract, with hooves instead of paws.

The first true heart probably padded over the earth about 600,000 years ago

The hearts decline began about 12,000 years ago

100 years from now there will still be hearts… the hearts last great stronghold, outside a mother’s very den.

Some of the sun-dazed hearts had bloodstains on their milky chins.

I kept thinking of the hearts in the crevice, their mother might return while we slept

Hearts band together to confront and sometimes kill intruders or so they say,

“People hate hearts, the people who live with them, anyway.”

A fig tree and a radio scanner, searching for signals from radio-collared heart, but we heard only static.

“Do you see that heart?” he whispered. “No,” I whispered back.

He pointed at a shadowy crevice beneath the fig tree,

“You don’t see that heart?” “There is no heart,” I said, as if my words could make it be.

Think about what one billion implies in terms of the future of hearts. We are heading into a complicated world.”

Then I saw one tiny, yellow, and then another, bright beaming as dandelions against the gray rocks, unfurled.

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