Lisa the Lion (Kid’s Story)

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Lisa had a big brave heart and sometimes her voice was big and brave too.

No one had to teach Lisa to be strong, just like her Grammy and Mama, she was strong too.

Mary Meerkat was shy and fast, sometimes Wanda the Warthog and Zoe the Zebra picked on her.

“Mary Meerkat, skinny little rat, we don’t like her and that is that!”

Mary ran away and hid, on her way she bumped into Lisa’s big toe.

“Ow!” Lisa growled. “Sorry” Mary squeaked. Lisa saw Wanda and Zoe laughing at Mary. “Are you okay?” she said to Mary.

“Yes but those girls don’t like me too much.”

“Why not?” asked Lisa.

“They say I’m a skinny rat,” sighed Mary. “Can you teach me to be big and brave like you?”

“Sure. I can, let’s see what we can do. First stand tall and speak from your belly.”

“Like this?” Mary stood as tall as she could get, almost a whole foot. “I think I got it” she said with her voice full of glee.

“Yeah that’s pretty good, I’m very proud of you.

“Thanks Lisa” 

“It’s the least that I could do”

“Hi Wanda, hi Zoe, I’m different than you but it’s okay.”

“And if not, send them on their way, “ Lisa smiled, waved a paw and the girls saw a slight glint to her sharp teeth.

“I guess we see what you mean” said and quickly walked away.

“Thank you Lisa but can you help me with one more thing?”

“Definitely, how can I help my friend, Miss Mary?”

“This is too big, can you share this chocolate bar with me?”

“Oh I guess I could help it’s the least I could do”

Wanda and Zoe smelled the chocolate, “Can we have some too?”

Lisa smiled and asked “Would you like a BIG piece or one that is tiny?”

“Chocolate is chocolate and either is good to me,”

Said Zoe and Wanda, Mary and all agreed.

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