“Mo-tato” “Cooper” “Walter” Dre” “Yella” “Snowball” “Freckles” “Rufus” “Diva” “Spike” “Guinness” “Annie” “Sparkles” & “Chevy”

“Karma” “Hamelia” “Ashlynn” “Cocoa” “Jammer” “Roscoe” “Bella” “Macy” “Penelope” “Sandra Dee” & “Bowie”

Chaplain said, “that dog destroyed her home but she loved it, you couldn’t tell her any different”

I sighed, inhaled, exhaled and remembered when we met,

You proudly proclaimed,
“Off the chain”

Now reverberating echos of howls and dried slick slobber,

Non judgmental loving companions, wise and covered in fur

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