NaPoWriMo Day 23:Kay Ryan-esque

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Poem that inspired my poem:

Sometimes I burned so hot I was convinced The inferno would consume me,
Got so used to being on fire it started to soothe me,
But now I’m walking by with a general and they salute me,
And if you haven’t met me let me introduce me
I am the one who chooses to find the message in the mess,
I Am the one, in the end, who reflects,
I am an arrow, a diamond in the dirt,
I am making the best of every ache pain teardrop and hurt,
I am the one trying to help you do the same,
I’m just a poet don’t worry about my name,
Remember you become any name you claim,
This is real life, not a drill, test or game,
Pay it forward, see it returned,
The fire is Life, let it burn

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