NaPoWriMo Day 30: Cento (Made up of lines taken from other poems)

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Other poems:

I knew how to carry a baby and how to carry a poem and I would learn how to have a baby,

Then someone lifted you up,and there was a sound,and they laid you on me, breathing.

This fact should make us fall all to our knees with awe,the beauty of it against these odds,

The idea of the copy is translated by time. We were once that idea

I think we are inside a flower,under a pollen of stars vast as scattered sand

long odds to spark

the tinder in the dark.

In my life, I have done one good thing.

Families in line: imagine all this translated by the cry of time moving

I’m your guide here I’m desperate for you too love the world because I brought you here.

The business of the bland sun has no affair with me

He never asked for anything at all.We all want just to be a little happy

Remember that this child is collage of everything before you

Savor the silly and simple, enjoy evolving view

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